Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Love Adam Lambert

Not as much as I love Melissa, period. But from the first time I saw him, I was in love with his voice and his performance. No, not in American Idol this year. In Ten Commandments: The Musical. Actually all of the performers in that movie stole my heart. They all have beautiful voices, and because they are actors and actresses, they match every little body movement with every little change of note. It was brilliant. This guy has been trained in that world, and although he has to adjust into a different world of music, it wouldn't be so hard for him. I've seen several videos of him in youtube, and damn, he is brilliant. The way he expresses the lyrics and the way he controls the voice that comes out of his body, the way he rules the stage and interracts with the audience. I felt like I was watching his concert, not a competition (Paula Abdul commented exactly like this too!). He was already a professional, his level is so much higher than most of the contestants. That is undeniable.

I first learned his name from Ellen. She liked him a lot and talked about it constantly on her show. Out of curiosity, I checked him out on youtube, and he seemed familiar. Dang! There was a video suggestion of 'Is Anybody Listening (Adam Lambert)' on the right side of my screen. Holy shit. He was that teenager from Ten Commandments!

Anyway, looking at him on American Idol makes me wonder how it'd be if Melissa was only in her 20s or early 30s these days. She is way under-credited. She has such a magnificent performer, and yet she is never really 'famous'. A week of adoration and fame here and there, but never really 'in'. I wonder why that was. Anybody who has every seen her live show would leave with at least a complete understanding why their friend adores Melissa so much. I'm proud to say, though, that even though there is only a 'small' number of Melissa fans, a huge percentage of them are devoted to the core, and some have been a fan since her debut album. Melissa is right, she has the coolest group of fans in the world. Her fans don't just follow her and everything she says like puppies. They can think for themselves, and they often offer some respectful critics for Melissa. I actually agree with 98% of everything she does, and the other 2% is her personal matters, so I never critisize her this far. There is one girl I know who doesn't like Melissa just because she's gay and not young and pretty, but to hell with people like her. She didn't like Beyonce before but now she likes her because Beyonce is prettier. D'oh. Who needs a fan like that? Don't let me even start on the standard of beauty. It is such a fake, stupid thing and it's even more ridiculous when said by women. Beauty is not only on the outside. Melissa is not as 'sexy' as Britney Spears anymore, but she's still the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. My suggestion is to look at Afterellen.com's Hot 100 if you're looking for beautiful women, because it's the only list I know that judges women based on more than their sex appeal. In that list, 'hot' means beautiful, strong, smart, wise, and funny.

Gah, I've wandered too far from the main topic again. I should write for one of Ellen's stand up comedy. She has the same style, circling around from the main topic and to a topic that totally unrelated with the first one. In the end, though, she'll come back to the first topic before making the main conclusion. It's brilliant. Now I don't have time to continue writing until I come back to the Lambert discussion, so I'd better end it now. Hehe. Goodnight!

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