Sunday, April 12, 2009

THE List

Okay, now it's time again to vote on Afterellen Hot 100. I've never been this excited voting on beautiful women, just because this time I know most of my favorites will win. Last year I voted for 10 women, and 8 of them made the top 20 in that list. That will never happen with the regular 'Hot Women' list in other places. Well, even last year I knew some of my picks wouldn't make the list, like Melissa and Emma Thompson (they're just not in the top of your mind when you're thinking about hotness, anyway. But I love them). But if a 'dorky hot' like Tina Fey can be the hottest woman on earth in Afterellen version (she's on my list too, by the way), then I'll be happy to participate this year too. In fact, I cannot wait till the announcement. And this year they have some side lists, too: 10 Hottest Women of Color, 10 Hottest Out Women, and 10 Hottest Women Over 40. I love these lists soooo much!!!!

Well, I didn't vote for 10 Hottest Women of Color just because I'm not sure what 'women of color' means. Is it only for black women or any other races, and is a mix like Jennifer Beals counts. Well I like Queen Latifah and Wanda Skykes, and in Asia movies I have Michelle Yeoh, etc, but I just don't feel like voting for this list this year. I'll just see at the result later, maybe they'll give me ideas for next year.

So, there are two women for whom I voted for all three categories. There should be three, but for some reason I forget to enter Jodie Foster into my nomination of Hottest Out Women (no pun intended).

1. Melissa Etheridge

D'oh. What do you think? She's absolutely the hottest woman I've ever seen. I just don't care if she makes the list or not (she didn't make the list last year), this is my truth. I voted for her in those three categories, cause she's hot, she's over 40, and hell yeah, she's OUT!

2. Ellen DeGeneres

Again, d'oh. She's hot, simply because funny is hot. And she's so hot for women over 50 (hell yeah, my friends won't believe me when I said she is indeed, OVER 50), and she's practically the most famous lesbian ever. I have no doubt that she'll make the hot list this year too, and very possibly for women over 40, and maybe also the out women too. This woman can do absolutely everything. Besides, who else can dance like this when they're 51?!

Besides these two amazing women, there are several women whom I voted for in two categories:

1. Jodie Foster

Uhm. I believe that the Hot 100 list won't be complete without Jodie. She's the ultimate example of lesbian hotness. Look, check. Strength, check. Brain, check. Attitude, damn, she's got plenty of it. Heh heh. I voted for her in the hot 100 and in the women over 40 category. Just because I forgot about her when I filled in the out women list. Oops.

2. Rachel Maddow

If you ask me who I think will win the hot 100 this year, I think it will be her. Well, it's just what I think, let's see the result later. But heck, it's either love her or hate her with Maddow. She makes nerdy become trendy, and I love how she has so much fun and pours her heart out on every issue she covers. For that only, she gets my vote in hot 100 and hottest out women. Oh, and by the way, I like the more feminime look she has on TV, but dang, I absolutely love those glasses.

3. Gro Hammerseng

I don't know how or why, but she stole my heart somewhere during this year. I don't even remember how it started. What I know is that suddenly I can't take my eyes off of her. Aargh. So I put her in my list of hot 100 and hottest out women. Besides, who can not melt while being looked at with such love and adoration?

Ookay. Now for the rest of my Hot 100 nominations are:
1. Lucy Lawless

Okay, I still think her Xena look is the hottest, but dang, Lucy has her own attitude that makes her also hot on her own.

2. Lena Headey

Terminator? What terminator? Isn't she the hot florist down the street?

3. Tina Fey

Funny is sexy. Dorky is sexy. Funny dork? Even sexier.

4. Portia DeRossi

Okay, I'm guilty. Before this year, I only think of her as a hot barbie who happens to be Ellen's wife, although my logic said that if Ellen loves her, there has to be something more in her than just her look. But there's almost nothing I could use to judge her with. Until this t-shirt. Dang, she's hot. Lol, seriously, though, I watched her on Ellen and I watched clips of 'Better Off Ted' and I started to envy Ellen - just a bit. Heh heh.

5. Lisa Ray

I don't know why... I saw her in 'I Can't Think Straight', and damn, she looked like the mix between Angelina Jolie and my second crush... who am I to resist the temptation? :D

Dang. I've just figured making this list on 5 am isn't a good idea. Now it's already 6 am. Okay, on to my out women list.

Cathy DeBuono

Don't kill me, Sid, but I think she looks like a gay version of Git, maybe not so much in this picture, but... I swear there's something about her that is so much like Git. Fortunatelly, the hotness I find in her has nothing to do with her likeness with Git. Haha.

Finally! The hottest women over 40 list:

1. Emma Thompson

She is one of the most lady-like persona I've ever seen in Hollywood. She's charming, funny, an undeniably talented actress, and her honest attitude only adds more to her hotness. Besides, who else could make Prof. Trelawney become so memorable?

2. Glenn Close

I have to admit, I've only watched one of her movies... well, three, if you count 101 and 102 Dalmatians, but I absolutely hated her character and I almost don't remember her performance because I was too little to understand acting. Anyway, I loooove her in 'Serving in Silence'. She brought such dignity, honor, and purity to the character, and she was one of the firsts in my mind when I came to this list.

Okay, so let's see how many I got this year. Haha. Right now I've gotta sleep. I only have 5 more hours before I've gotta wake up! Gezzz.

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