Thursday, April 15, 2010

So, What Is Love Then?

It literally felt like a punch in the gut. I can't believe this is happening.

Of all the many couples in celebrity world I always believed in them, since the first time I saw them. I had total faith in their love, although a small voice in the back of my head warned me never to trust any public profiles completely, you never knew what happened when they got home. I thought I could hear it in her songs... they're getting better and happier. Figured that in a relationship if there's only one party being happy, it's not enough. I don't know who's right or wrong, but isn't it too soon, deciding to quit now? Based on Tammy's blog, their problem only started December or so. There are four children at stakes, and two of them had gone through a divorce once, they don't need another one. Having three or four mommies can still be cool, but five or six?! Dang.

It's not my place to judge them, I know. But it feels so personal to me cause I looked up to them so much. Looking at them together gave me insight what true love was like, and a hope that I could find someone who complemented me as much as they were to each other. I used to sing 'Sleep' thinking that she imagined someone much like Tammy when she wrote it. I sang 'This Moment' thinking about the days they were dating. And oh damn, 'When You Find The One', 'I've Loved You Before', even 'Threesome'. Those songs have my memories in them as well, not just theirs. And I'm truly saddened beyond words that now the break up is official. First Jodie and Cydney, then Rossie and Kelly, now my favorite couple of them all. Damn.

Well, still life goes on. For them and for me. I wish all the best for them, I still love them and heck I care about them. Luckily I also still believe in true love, though I have to admit right now I'm a little bit too pessimistic and bitter about love. Lucky and Angel... my thoughts and prayers for both of you. May you find the happiness that you seek later in life.

So what is love then, is it dictated or chosen?
Does it sing like hymns or a thousand years or is it just pop emotion?
And if it was ever there and it left, doesn't mean it was never true...

Ah well, now I have to put my faith back to the everlasting couple... just cause I know their love really doesn't have an ending. :D

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Naomi said...

I only like Melissa recently, and honestly I don't really know about Melissa and Tammy before this. Even if my bestfriend Ryan here always talks about them. Mostly I remember about Melissa, but not really both of them.

Well, anyhow, I am truly surprised! Truly. Because it never came to my mind that they would split up. Because it looked like both of them were perfect together. Well, we never know any truth is truth ever at all.

I wish them a happy ending, no matter what ending they choose to.
I really hope we, ourselves, do NOT lose hope to the real love.

It's love from God. It's love from Jesus, that's real and will never cease what ever happens. I believe in that.
And I wish Melissa and her children and Tammy will definitely find the best journey for them, with a happy ending.