Friday, September 03, 2010

Racist Bastard

I remember the term my good friend Zhou Yu used to call himself when he went all Asian-loving. Seems like I'm back in my racist-bastard phase then. Well that was a joke, of course, I think I've found women in any race that I think is hot. White? Well take a look at my Afterellen vote. Black? Rose Rollins, Jennifer Beals, hmmm... Indian? Lisa Ray, Kajol, that girl who played opposite Keira Knightley in Bend It Like Beckham... lots of them, actually, but I rarely watch Indian movies so I can't remember more. Aaaaaanyway. Let's see my taste in Asian women for now. For some reason I can only think of Chinese/Taiwanese/Hong Kong actresses... oh, and then some... but let's see.

1. Michelle Yeoh

My ultimate Asian-crush go first. I've been having a crush on her since senior high school, and I recently rekindled that crush, stronger than ever. How could I not? She's smart, tough, strong, kind, down-to-earth, beautiful, sexy, and fun loving. Hollywood thinks they know her works, but I've seen her in a far more difficult stunts back in her Hong Kong movies time. That motorcycle jump into a running train in Police Story 3 is simply unforgettable for me.

Most cherished work for me: Royal Warriors, Police Story 3, Wing Chun, Taichi Master

Gay points: In an interview with Rosie years ago, she mentioned that when she was approached for a role in a Bond movie she originally was excited because she thought she got to play James Bond. Hm, that would be a very interesting movie. Heh heh.

2. Cecilia Yip

 My oldest Asian-crush. I don't know what it is about her that attracts me so much. I've only seen three of her works, two of them as a man, but I've seen plenty pictures of the roles she played. They all varied so much I wonder how she did it. She's such a wonderful actress, there's no doubt about it. I love her voice, too (have watched interviews and her singing with Angie Chiu). And since she's often played a role no one else wants to take, I think she's pretty smart and humble.

Most cherished work for me: White Snake Legend, of course. And Xiao Kan Liang Yue. Both with Angie Chiu.

Gay points: She played a lesbian twice. She played a man four times. That's gay enough, also I found some interview where she stated that although in the beginning it was a little bit awkward for her to act being in love with a woman, she would then just think of how beautiful her co-star is, and how she could just fall in love with her. Of course, having Angie Chiu as a co-star made it so much easier....

3. Shu Qi

Asking men if she is a hottie would be like asking them if they think Angelina Jolie's hot. I couldn't argue with them on both cases, of course, but there's something more to her than just meet the eye. Her acting skill is too much underrated, I think, because of how she started up her career. I first saw her in Stephen Chow's The Lucky Guys, and although not really my type, she's mighty charming in that one. But the one that finally pushed her up my hot list was 'So Close'. With that movie she's so close to beating Michelle Yeoh off, but cause she had a boyfriend in that movie, I pulled her back down the list. Heh heh.

Most cherished works for me: So Close, The Lucky Guys

Gay points: Watch 'So Close' once, and tell me if you can ever forget that bathtub scene. (Of course, for a lesbian with a younger sister like me, it feels in between yummy and disgusting - oh well, they're not sisters in real life, so whatever.)

4. Siti Nurhaliza

Gotta admit that I'm most embarrassed to admit this one. But it's true, at one point in my life I've had a crush on her. I still remember the very first time I watched her on TV. I didn't know about her, but her pretty figure caught my eyes, so I watched, and then she sang! Mind you, it wasn't on a stage, but in a karaoke setting at her own home, I suppose. I was hooked. Yes, I'm that shallow. Heh heh. I still have a soft spot for her, because her voice is really that good, and she seems to be a genuine person.

Most cherished works for me: Prasasti Seni. Some of the songs in that album really translated to my real-life crush at that time.

Gay points: NONE that I know of. Except if you count some subtle lyrics in her songs, but I don't count them because those songs were written by men anyway.

5. Tamlyn Tomita

It's such a shame that I only know her from one movie, but her impression is so strong that I remember her to this day. I have watched all three Karate Kid movies (four if you count Jackie Chan's new one), and only on the second Karate Kid did I feel like stealing away the girl. She's simply much too good for Daniel (what is it about him changing girlfriend in every movie a la James Bond anyway?). I love the tea ceremony scene and the final fight scene. She's the only one of Daniel's girlfriends who tried to fight along with him, not only standing behind waiting to be rescued. She had no fighting skill, of course, but that didn't stop her for helping Daniel at the critical moment. Sure, I might be biased and Kumiko is the girlfriend of my dream instead of Tamlyn, but if she can act that well on her first movie, then she's an admirable natural talent.

Most cherished work for me: The Karate Kid Part II

Gay points: None that I know of.

Honorable mentions: Angie Chiu, Idy Chan, Sandra Ng, Joan Chen, Lucy Liu
There are two more Asian ladies I want to add, as they were the girls I was in love before, but of course I'm not that crazy. Heh heh.


MulianiInside said...

Shu Qi Shu Qi Shu Qi

Anonymous said...

There's one more Karate Kid movie from the first series that you forgot about. The Next Karate Kid with Hillary Swank, so there's 5 total KK movies.

Ryou said...

Ooooh, thank you very much, Anonymous. I forgot about that! Gotta watch it, I love Hillary Swank :D