Tuesday, June 20, 2006

An Attempt In Judging

I surprised myself that I invented a way in judging people, given my dislike in judging people. But I think this one is pretty useful for me, or for people who want to predict how I will react to something. Heh heh. Well, I write this just spending time between my last exam and a meeting I have to attend, so I'd better be hurry.
Okay... here goes nothing.
In judging people I'll use this analyze:
1. Is what they do will hurt someone else?
(Including 'hurt' someone's heart or of course, physically. But if the 'someone else' is actually not affected by the doing, but they CHOOSE to feel hurt, it doesn't count.)
2. Do they have control over what they do?
3. Do they do what they do based on love for other people?
4. Is there any life saved by what they do?
These are the answers I expect from the questions: yes-no-yes-yes. As long as there are two out of four match my expectations, then I consider the action can be forgiven or can be done, or can be understood.
Well, I have no time to give an example for this analyze, I'll try to continue other time, but if you have a case for me to try this on, gimme. I will try to analyze it my way.
And just for warning, I don't exactly use this everytime I judge people. And this judgement isn't always correct, I just had some fun analyzing my own feelings. Heh heh. Talk about trying to intellectualizing a way to judge people! :p


Jeng Ungu said...

kinda agree with ur criterias...

all acts have pros and cons, but lots of it can be justified if theres a good reason or motive behind it, even if the act itself is considered wrong =P

eg: for me, stealing is wrong.

but when i learnt that the stealer did it for the sake of his family who has been on hunger-strike for the past 5 days, its another story.

well its wrong but still, its justified.

good luck for ur exam!

Ryan_Boomery said...

yea, that's one of the examples i used for the analyzing. btw, i wrote something based on your post, i hope you don't mind. I'll leave a comment later on that particular post. oh, it's the 'doraemon' post. check it out later, ok.