Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Broken Heart? Really?

I've got to say it's hardly a broken heart after well... three years and two months of one-sided crush. Gotta say I'm a little bit shaken, but all is done. Like this quote of my newest lyric:
'I live my life for music and love
Now my inspiration is gone
A few words I have left
I gave to you as a goodbye'
I wrote a song called 'Memory of The Heart' before, talking about saying goodbye to 22, and it helps. But what really makes me stand strong is my admiration and respect for Melissa. I've just listened to her newest song, 'I've Loved You Before'. Dammit! Here I think I'm better than her at least in one style of music, but nooooooo!!! She again beats me down. Lol. Can't believe it. I almost cried in an internet cafe full of people listening to that song. Damn, I wish I was her lover. Lol. No, I'm not serious coz yeah, I still in the recovering stage but yeah, I'm singing 'I Want To Be In Love'. I'm in that phase right now.
'Side by side in battle
Did we bravely leave our home
Did I hold you in my arms as you were taking your last breath
Did I shock (?) to all the gods I would love you beyond death
Or more... I swear I've loved you before'
Hh, whom do you think it sounds like??? Xena! Xena and Gabrielle, dammit. I've written my own version of Xena's 'Even in death I will never leave you' promise. And I thought only a xenite who has read thousands of Xena fanfics or someone who has found their soulmate can write something like that. Apparently I forgot that she is in the second case. Lol. Nah, I don't regret it. I love it, actually. This is the first time EVER that I got a broken heart and can't help but grin every five minutes. Lol. Mel is good for me, I'll tell ya. Well, sure, it's been three years and more, but I just can't stop grinning idiotly when I hear these words. It's scary sometimes how Mel's words seem like my thoughts come to life.
'When I think of how you know me
No doubts no thinking twice
When your smile can be so soothing
A familiar paradise
There's no one else that makes me hope
I am never needing more
I get this feeling
That I have loved you before'