Saturday, October 09, 2010

Rizzoli & Isles

Whoa, I like it. I like it a lot!!! Many people said the show was so much like Xena in its heave-subtext-ness, and I like the how the ladies look (sorry I'm that shallow sometimes :p)... so I gave it a try. And I'm hooked!

Hmmm... don't you think it's more fitting for a cover of a romantic movie DVD?

I'm not much for cop shows, but I've watched some series like VIP and Relic Hunter - and while I can't say I'm a fan of the genre, I enjoyed it while it lasted. This one is no different, but Rizzoli and Isles sure has some advantage the others don't: the lead ladies have a strong chemistry with each other and well... I think the writers teased us a lot and make it super gay - while being non-gay. Both the main and supporting characters are  likeable, and although they're fictional, almost all of the characters have their own twitter and they interact with fans and each other. A lot.

Jane Rizzoli (hmmm... what a sexy name) caught my eyes since the beginning. Has anybody else thought that Angie Harmon is the imaginary child between Sandra Bullock and Gro Hammerseng?

I have a crush on her instantly. She is the modern-day Xena, if you may. Strong, intelligent, brave, and very, very kind. Actually I think Ryan O'Flaherty (and Jamie Evans) would be a better comparison, but less people know them, rite? Anyway, she's a homicide detective of Boston police team, and she befriends Dr. Maura Isles, the medical examiner of the same division. I would love to know how they first met, because in the pilot episode they were already friends (Yea, rite. Even their FIRST scene together made me think they were gonna kiss), although later it seemed that Jane had never been to Maura's apartment before cause she didn't know about Maura's turtle... uh... tortoise. Oh, but then, they slept in the same bed (yes, in the FIRST episode). In the blatant 'opposite attracts' and 'butch-femme' theme, Jane and Maura hardly shared anything in common except for their attraction to men (for now...). Where Jane hardly cares of how she looks, Maura always looks like she's ready for a fashion show. Jane is careless at times, and Maura always thinks everything through before she does anything. It's no wonder they get into arguments a lot. But their arguments are cute because it's mostly because they care about each other, or it will end because they care about each other... much like lovers' quarrel than anything else.      

I like Dr. Isles (aka Queen of The Dead) better after getting to know the character, though. She's incredibly stubborn, politely bossy, and impossibly fashionable. I like Jane a lot, but without Maura she will be... eh... boring... too perfect. Maura is much smarter than Jane, theoretically. She's like a walking Google... or Wikipedia, actually, but she would be offended if I said that, cause she said there are many things written in Wikipedia that are not facts. Anyway, you can just say one word - any word, and she could give you a lecture for as long as Jane didn't stop her (which she did instantly, most of the time). She has the cutest trait I've ever found in a woman: she can't lie. Not only that she doesn't want to. She can't. That is a huge cute point in my taste. Heh heh.  

Although the show is named after the two lead ladies, the supporting characters also have their fair share of glory. The Rizzoli family warmed up the scene every now and then with their typical loving family (except for this Tommy guy who haven't showed up yet): a quiet father, an annoying (but loving) mother, and Frank, Jane's little brother who admired her and therefore also became a cop. I especially like the closeness between Jane and Frank, as I always wanted a little brother of my own. Maura also blends in nicely with the family, which I think is really cool. Then there are the homicide team, their family at work. There is Korsak, Jane's ex-partner who saved her life once and still cares for her like a brother. I recognized him as the guy with a gay dog from Legally Blonde 2. Pretty sure it's him, haven't checked the IMDB though. Then there is Frost, Jane's partner now, who has an extraordinary strength but always throws up at sight of blood. Frank also shows up every now and then, he's a cop too after all.  

It should be a crime that the first season only has 10 episodes in it. The second season is not much better: 13 episodes. Aaaand the second season is still about 8 months ahead. Can't wait to get more of both ladies, and I'm especially curious of what happens after the final scene. I'm also looking forward to what'll happen to their relationship after two, three years together. I hope their love can have as much depth as Xena & Gabrielle's later, but even if that doesn't happen, as long as they don't settle with a man I'll be happy with my imagination... and the fan fictions. Hmm-mm.

Ps. Not only there are thousands of fan fictions, the fan arts are outstanding too. These ones are from

Credit: - I love you for making this!!!
...and especially this!!! :D

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Glee: A Confession

Okay, I'm gonna make some confessions, and I'll put it in your hand to bash me or to applause me, either way I don't give a damn but please be polite. Heh heh. Here goes. 

1. I just bought the two newest episode of Glee on DVD. A rip-off, actually, considering they will make it more episodes on one DVD later, but whatever. I'm not a patient person :p

2. I'm not a Gleek. Seriously, I'm not. At least not now. I might answer "Yes, I Am" if you asked me last March, but not now. I like the show just fine, still following it, but I'm not much a fan of it. I'm one of the very few people (if there's even any) who believe that Glee would be better off being a movie than a series. It's good that it's a series, as I get to watch more of those actresses, but it's really not good for the plot. While it's fun, it lacks the depth and it slowly becomes my guilty pleasure. 

3. I like Lea Michelle, but the one that I love is Rachel Berry. She might be annoying as hell, but it makes her very cute in my eyes. Real reason, maybe, is because she's a lot like my first love - in looks, in attitude, and in that killer singing voice. Imagine Rachel singing FOR you and TO you. Yep, been there, wanna be there again. Heh heh. 

4. I despise Finn. See #3 for explanation.

5. I'm not a fan of Faberry. See #3 for explanation. (Lea and Dianna are other matters, though.)

6. I like Britanna a lot although I'm not a fan either. But they are both really hot, and them being together is even hotter (and cuter). How can a human being resist that kind of hotness is beyond me. 

7. I like Mr. Shue's rap. I don't know why, but I like it. I don't normally like rap music, but he pulled it off really fine.

8. I watched Glee for Jane Lynch. And not regretting it. And so happy for her to get the recognition she so deserved. 

9. I'm a long-time musical fan... and that is why, just like lesbians can't not watch The L Word (oh wait, I can... though not by choice), I too have to keep on watching Glee... one way or another.

Pheew, glad to have them off my chest... heh heh. Now I'm gonna go watch Rizzoli & Isles. If there's any show trying to de-throne Xena & Gabrielle as queens of subtexts, I should judge it for myself. Heh heh.