Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Garu Lesson

I've just got this Garu character from Mc Donalds. Well, actually it's from weeks ago, but whatever. :p I don't know much about the character, but I've seen many stickers with Pucca characters, and from what I saw, I think the story goes kinda like this: Garu loves Pucca unconditionally, and Pucca maybe love him too, but she always kinda take him for granted and torture him. Anyway, I like this character so much because I'm kinda like him. Haha. I mean, in loving someone so much that even her bad traits cannot change it.

This (I don't know how to call it so I'll just say his name) Garu of mine really represents how I view the Garu character. You can open his stomach and inside, there's a Pucca picture embossed. For me it kinds of represents how Pucca is always on Garu's heart. One other thing is that this egg-like body of him is built in a such way that you can't knock him down. No matter how randomly you drop him or knock him down, he'll just roll on the surface and stand up again. It's very much like the characer, isn't it? No matter how much Pucca tortures him, he's always strong. Lol, of course it helps that he's just a cartoon character. If it's a real person at least he'd have been comatosed by Pucca's tortures.

In real life, I don't want a relationship like Garu and Pucca. I know it's kinda cute and everything (as long as it's not as sadistic), but I'm just not as patient as Garu and if I'm to be in a relationship, I want her to feel as strongly about me as I feel about her. But if that relationship is gonna last, I will need to learn to love as unconditionally as Garu does. Nobody is perfect, so there will always a time to say, "I love you despite of your...."

I'll save that lesson for when I'm in a relationship, but for now, I take the other lesson he offers. It's to stand up again no matter how hard you've been knocked down. Garu is not a weak person, contrary to what most people think. He's a real gentleman and a real strong person. I always believe in what Xena said, "It takes a greater strength to show compassion." Most people think it's people who go out on a protest, who takes challenges, etc, as strong people. Not so much for me. Strnegth lies in being patient and doesn't make a big deal of small stuffs. Strength is knowing how to say 'No' to stupid challenges. Strength is being honest to yourself and others. Strength is admitting your faults and appologizing. Strength is standing up for what you believe no matter what. And strength is standing up again no matter how you've fallen down. Garu doesn't punch Pucca back because he loves her (and maybe because she's a she), but he's always willing (and able) to protect her from harm.

Anyway, I was lucky to get this Garu. It was actually a mission to go to Mc Donalds, that is located quite far from my place. I just wanted to eat the food so much that I decided to go there by bus (IN WINTER, so it's quite a sacrifice, with all the waiting and the walking in the cold weather). I knew that they gave out Pucca thingy on Happy Meal, so I bought one and yay! I got Garu. Quite a coincidence, but well, everything happened for a reason and heh heh, so this is why I had my craving for Mc Donalds back then.

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