Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wives on Ellen

Ugh. I know that Ellen alone has a cuteness level that could make me melt into a jelly - almost literally. But how about THIS:

Eat that, 'Yes on 8' suckers! Love is never wrong. I wish I could describe the cuteness of those two together, but I guess you could see it for yourself, the videos are all over youtube. Of course I'll be helpful. First part of the interview can be found here, the 'newlywed game' is here, and the bathroom concert series is here. But this one is my favorite: Ellen and Portia playing aw snap in their interview practice.

Only one thing bothers me about one moment on those videos. No, it wasn't that eharmony is a homophobic company and they were playing newlyweds game. I couldn't care less about that because they apparently let Ellen and Portia play. In my point of view, it wouldn't be much of a champaign for them as it is a champaign for gay marriage. Anyway, what distubs me the most is the moment in the newlyweds game after they both reveals the cards after "What is the best gift you spouse has ever given to you" question. Both answered "Her heart/love" and it was the cutest moment ever, and it wasn't only my eyes, many people also think the same with me: it was like they were both trying so hard NOT to kiss. It IS an appropriate time to kiss! But okay, it is a daytime TV and all, bla bla bla. But only seconds later, the couple who played against them kissed after hearing what they would receive. There were several things wrong with that situation. First, Ellen and Portia actually won, but the other couple got the bigger present. (Okay, at least for this one I can imagine the reason why.) Two, in any couple game, aren't the winners are suppossed to kiss? Three, I can't help but noticing how at lost Ellen and Portia looked when the other couple hugged and kissed.

For now, I'm gonna overlook that small unhappiness I felt, because in whole, I think Ellen has just broken another ground and gave straight people a view of real-life gay couple, and maybe just a hint of how discrimination feel like.

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The best couple ever...