Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Melissa Adoration 2

I don't like reading looooooooong post. Even my own post. So I just make it to two post. Besides it's about a totally different song, totally different meaning.

Kingdom of Heaven

A suffering soul on the way to the kingdom of heaven
Held up a sign that says, "God hates America"
A child has been lost, a mother is shocked and is grieving
And turning away, turning away

He said there is a love that is so hideous and destructive
We must drive it from earth to save all of our children
He must know it well, in the night it's the hell that he speaks of
It keeps him awake, keeps him awake

My God is love, my God is peace
My God loves you, my God loves me

A suffering soul on the way to the kingdom of heaven
Prayed in the dark, "Death to the infidel"
He strapped all his desperate pain and his faith to his body
And blew them away, blew them away

A suffering soul on the way to the kingdom of heaven
Shouts on the news, "They are the godless ones"
The anger inside and the fear that it hides never leave her
When the cameras are gone, when the cameras move on

Oh people c'mon, tell me where is your kingdom of heaven
Where is you faith? Where do you put your fear?
Do you have a price for truth and the price for believing?
And heaven is here, heaven is here

My God is love, my God is peace
My God is you, and my God is me

Though I could never sing the last line wholeheartedly, the line of "My God is love, my God is peace. My God loves you, my God loves me" summons up my faith. It's what God is to me and nothing can change my view in this. If heaven is filled with those killing-in-the-name-of-God people, I'd rather not be there. Many people condemn Melissa for being gay and curse her to root in hell. Well, if she's going to hell for being gay, so will I. And how fun that place will be, with good music from Melissa, good humor and dance with Ellen, sweet lullaby from kd lang, a little workout with Martina Navratilova. With everybody who roots for peace and love. While in heaven, people will fight to decide which holy book is the holliest, which right is the rightest, to whom God belongs to, etc. That's what heaven and hell like in my mind when I hear 'those' people talk. I happen to think God is smarter than that, thank you very much. I don't worry one bit about the safety of Melissa's soul, and I believe I'll be saved too. What I worry about is for those people who sold their souls to some book they believed is holly, those people who sold their soul to a heartless god. I only hope that God will protect us from His followers.

"I like your Jesus, but I don't like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Jesus."

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