Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Favorite Couples (Lesbian Style)

I know I must be crazy that I post this at 5 in the morning when I should be sleeping. But i just can't help it. I have to, even if only the pictures. I'll add some comentaries tomorrow, just stay tune.

1. The Eternal Couple : Xena and Gabrielle

This are the couple that first changed me from a homophobic into a lesbian... uhm... joking. :p Yeah, I was a homophobic once, that's what I was taught at school, in my community, and in my circle of friends. But then I watched Xena on TV, and then I searched for her in the internet. As you probably know, the majority of Xenites in the internet are lesbians, and of course the subtext! At first I was a little disturbed by that, but then I REALLY watched the interaction between Xena and Gabrielle and realized where the fans got those subtext. And it's not disgusting. It's beautiful cause it's about a love that is stronger than heaven and earth. It's a love that couldn't be separated even by death. It's a love that is ready to sacrifice everything. It's what soulmate is all about. I can't even describe the strength of that love. It never ceases to amaze me, even now, 8 years after the series has ended. That's why in my eyes they are the eternal couple. It was proven that they find and love each other all over again, in any lifetime, in any kind of world, even after the gods and fates tried their best to separate them. Of course it's fiction, but don't you want to find a love just like that?

2. The Ever After Couple : Melissa and Tammy Etheridge

Aaaah, my favorite 'real' couple ever! First of all, just look at them! I've never seen Melissa look that happy and shiny before she met Tammy. Anything that can make that drastic of a change to someone - for the better - must be reallllly good. Second of all, they don't live more than 2000 years ago (like Xena and Gabrielle, wakakak). I can relate to them and their problems much better. Of course, as real people, I don't know their whole story, and I refuse to stalk them. :p Luckily, Melissa's all about truth and openess, plus Tammy has her own public blog, so I get a glimpse of their life together, and dammit, it's what I want in my life. I won't settle for less. Someone to come home to, someone to build a cozy home with, someone to raise kids with... and most importantly, the home is filled with love, trust, respect. A corny romantism every now and then wouldn't hurt, and I think a good sense of humor is very important. If they ever break up, I think I would re-think my belief in 'a happy ever after and a love that last forever'. They are my perfect example of a life happily ever after, and all the more the reason to name them the ever after couple: they have a sign with 'Our ever after' in their home.

Oops... I'm sorry, I just have no control whatsoever when it comes to this couple... hehehehe. OK, next!

3. The Golden Couple : Gro Hammerseng and Katja Nyberg

Cuteness is my ultimate weakness. Heheh. And dammit, how cute is these two women together? They are the members of Norwegian female handball team, the team that has just won in Beijing Olympics 2008. Gro is the team captain, and in her best Katja is a major scorer. Anyway I find it so cool and cute that they are partners both in and out the fields. No wonder I call them the golden couple, eh? I don't know much about them cause they're a bit private, but still you can tell just by how they interact with each other, by how long they hug in celebration of their winning (lol), by how often they mention each other in interviews... etc. Funny thing is that their fans are divided into camp Gro and camp Katja and they fought for which one they think is hotter. :D I'm totally in camp Oreo, a group that think their togetherness is the best and we can't decide who is hotter as we can't decide which part of Oreo is better. Haha.

4. The Classic Couple : Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

Personally, I don't really have any special feeling toward this pair, but they worth every mention. The most obvious reason is because Ellen is a legend on her own, and I have the ultimate respect for her. She is the woman who makes history and she is the strongest and bravest person I've ever known, period. How many people who lost their lover can make a joke out of the experience and make people laugh? How many people that after being backlashed and being left by the person they love the most can bounce back even higher than ever? Until now she continues to amaze me with her groundbreaking strides. Her marriage to her girlfriend, her amazing look at the age of 51, and her polite, smart, and humorous political talks. I don't know much about Portia, but from what I know, she's quite a smart and strong lady on her own, and I'm happy for them, and it only makes me happier that they become such a good representation of lesbian couples in public's eyes.

There are many more couples I want to mention here, especially the couples who've been together for so many years (by so many years I mean, 34, 52, 60, etc) without being able to get married. There are other real and fictional couples too that I like, but for the real people I think I have no right to post their pictures (they're not really celebrities so I can't just take the pictures from their myspaces and post here, can I?) and for the fictional characters besides X&G... well, I just feel that they're fictional - so might as well post only the best fictional couple. Haha.

For me personally, I have some criterias of being a good couple. First is how they look when they are together. You just can't cover that kind of radiant happiness. Second is how they interact with each other, how familiar they are with each other and the simple gestures of affection they show (although I really don't like an overly done PDA). Third is how they complement each other's strengths and how they complete each other's weaknesses. Simple, really. I like a very ordinary couple. Couples who try to live their lives the most boring way possible. Hehe. Of course I can't see all those things in a real couple that I don't know personally, cause I don't know their real lives. I just judge based on what I see and what I hear. In fictional characters, though, I can tell it very easily.

Anyway, some may just suggest me to quit drolling over others' relationship and mind my own life. Problem is, love isn't something you can chase after. Nothing I can do, no amount of effort can give me the kind of love that I want. And for now, I haven't found it, so why can't I enjoy others' sharing of their relationships' stories/photos? Hahaha. I'm not a freak, I promise.

So, who are your favorite couples? Not limited to lesbians only, of course. ;)


Hidden Closet said...

xena udah lama digosipin lesbi kan
saya ingat dulu waktu nonton yang gabrielle sama xena mau mati, gabriele bilang "I love you, Xena". Tapi waktu itu saya masih belum ngerti gay or lesbi jadi nganggapnya mereka cuma teman baik aja.

Ryan_Boomery said...

ahaha, sama... dulu aku juga nganggapnya gitu. tapi sampe season terakhir, baru deh semua mengakui hubungan mereka lebih dari itu. bahkan lucy lawless (pemeran xena) juga bilang kalo xena & gabrielle jelas2 couple. :D

Reis's said...

Waow, what a complete lesbian thingy. hehehe.