Monday, September 18, 2006

Nao, Where Are Youuuu???

It seems that we lost contact nowadays. There are so many things I want to share with you but you seem to never be online when I am. How's your thesis? How's life there? I want to be able to chat with you again. So many things happened and I'm very confused, and I have no one here to talk to. Lately I've never been with the people I used to go out with, I don't hang around people who understand me, and it seems that the world hates me, right down to the people in my boarding house including the helpers. My friends seem to hate me coz I can't finish my job quick enough, though they still defend me in front of my lecturer, though they are more stating facts than defending me. My lecturers seem to hate me coz I am not brilliant enough in that subject of study. Damn. The only one listening is my mom. I know you're busy with your thesis, so I can't contact you often. I do need to talk to you, though. I wanna know how your life's going and I want to share many things with you.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Newest News About Planet Xena

Damn those people who takes Xena's name from eternity. Yet still, the names given to the planet and her moon aren't far from Xena anyway. The planet's official name is Eris, named to the Greek goddess of chaos. The name is chosen because the planet did cause a chaos until Pluto's status was downgraded. The moon is named Dysnomia, after Eris's daughter, known as the spirit of LAWLESSNESS. Coincidental??? I don't think so.
No matter what others call her, for me the dwarf planet will still be Xena. Besides, I bet the planet will be known as the planet which was once named Xena.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


The theory is that you will learn a lot of little known facts about those who know you.
1. Start Time: 19:46
2.Name: Ryan
4. Astrology sign: gemini
5. Gender: girl
6. Hair color: black
8. Eye color: deep brown
10. Favorite color: black and white
11. Glasses: no
13. Tattoos: no
14. Hometown: you tell me
15. Single or taken: single
16. Siblings names: A
******HAVE YOU EVER*****
17. Cut your own hair? yes
18. Did something in the past month that you will regret? yes
20. Skipped school? yes
22. Bungee jumped? no..t yet
24. Punched someone? yes
25. Cheated on a test? yeah
26. Been arrested? no
27. Broken into someone’s house? no
30. Been rejected? yes
31. Been to a funeral? yes
32. Used a lighter? yes
33. Been on stage? yes
34. Season: spring
35. Food: anything not spicy, not vegetables, not expired
36. Ice cream flavor: vanilla
37. School subject(s): mathematics
38. Candy: mint
39. Breakfast cereal: corn flakes
40. Person: Lucy Lawless
41. Book: I Found My Heart In San Francisco
42. Movie: romantic comedy, musical
43. Song: all kinds of music
44. Park: near my house
46. Place: my bed
47. Sport to watch on TV: badminton
50. Letter(s): X
51. Favorite fast food restaurant: always find junk food
52. Disney Princess: Mulan
53. TV station: nope
54. Name for a son: Kevin
55. Name for a daughter: Ryan
******DO YOU PREFER*****
56. Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla
57. Alcoholic or non? non
58. Long relationships or one night stand? long
59. Dogs or cats? doggy
60. comedies or scary movies? comedies
61. Short or long hair? long
62. croutons or bacon bits? croutons
64. Mexicans: tequillla sierra
65. School: assignments, homework
67. Cows: milk
70. Hand: fist
71. Talked on the phone? yes
72. Watched a movie? yes
73. Cried? no
74. Smoked? no
75. Drank a glass of water? yes
76. Done Drugs? no
77. Read a book or magazine? yes
78. Watched TV? no
79. Looked in the mirror? yes
80. Taken a shower? yes
81. Taken picture? no
82. Listened to music? yes
83. Told someone you love them? no
84. End time: 19:53

Okay, Sorry, That Was Harsh

After talking to Nao by sms later yesterday, I realized one thing. Maybe her being there isn't so bad after all.
You see, if I were to write a love story, it's very possibly that I'll make a blackout when the two soulmates came to a same place. It's also possible that I'll make those two soulmates are both having flu. And maybe I'll make those two soulmates recognize each other without seeing one another. And that's exactly what happened yesterday.
Maybe it's just a coincidence - okay, THREE coincidences - but it's not impossible that it's the connection between us, or the connection I felt for her. But why??? I'm well on my way forgeting her, I've even found somebody new (though I don't like her even half of my feelings for 22). Geez, sometimes God's just plain cruel. Hah hah. Who am I kidding? Yesterday I cursed God while singing praises for Him. Yup, 22, you do make me do crazy things.

Friday, September 08, 2006


And, do you know what??? Now, when I'm writing this, she's HERE!!! See??? That's what I mean! Everytime I want to forget her, she just POPS OUT from God-knows-where! Damn, even the lights went out. Bah.

Long Time No Post

If I have my status on my forehead it'd read 'FUCKIN BUSY' right now (too bad the phrase isn't read from right... just kidding, hah). Well, I know now why my seniors disappeared from everything after they got the practical classes. It's fun, a lot of fun, actually, but it sure is one hell in managing time! It also requires physical ability too! Damn, I only had about 5 hours of good sleep in a day, for sometime. Next week it's gonna be crazier. I've already spent about 10 hours at school, 14-15 hours if I have 2 classes, and it's gonna be more, maybe. Sigh.
And now I'm asked to be active again in organization. The problem is that I can't afford to give more time to anything other than my study, but those people need me, no matter if they realize that or not, I was surprised myself when I learned the truth about what would happen to them if we don't act quickly.
Worst of all, I have to try to forget 22. I can't afford to be either distracted when she's around or longing for her when she's away, with all these craziness around me. Maybe I wouldn't even do that if my feelings for her is as strong as ever. But it's just not. It's a torture to look at her flying from guy to guy to guy and ignoring me, but then she did something that made me believe she liked me. Damn, even when I wanted most to forget her, all in sudden I saw her in a pretty dress, looking so beautiful.
But I have good news, too. It's that Xena is now a dwarf planet. The biggest dwarf planet, actually, and Pluto isn't a planet anymore. I hope they won't change the name Xena. Everybody has known that the planet's nickname is Xena, why change it?
Okay, I won't write much, I'm very very tired. I'm sorry I haven't had the time to visit my friends' blogs... I hope I'll be able to, soon. Till then... take care!