Friday, March 20, 2009

This Is Outrageous!!!

I've just stumbled upon a video in youtube about corrective rape in South Africa. For a country who has already legalized same sex marriage, I actually expect far more tolerance there. But noooooo, it breaks my heart.

Corrective rape is a rape done to lesbians to make them realize WHAT they are. As if that's not enough, most of the victims don't want to report to police because they knew their reports won't be taken seriously. It is estimated that 10 new corrective rapes happen each week. Some are followed by murder or suicide. Worse than any other rapes, corrective rape is done mostly as gang rape, and what is most heartbreaking: can be done by family members and friends, because they think it's the right thing to do! Even in one case, the mother of the girl, instead of defending the daughter, blaming her sexuality for it.

I can hardly believe my own eyes and ears, witnessing someone innocently stated, "I approve of corrective rape because being a lesbian is not good and it is the right way to make them realize what they are." It's ridiculous to the bone! Not to mention cruel. While we're talking about cruelty, though, try to read this and try not to be physically mad :

It's when I read stories like this, that I start to ask about the core of humanity. I start questioning the goodness in people. It's so hard to believe when everyday, everywhere in the world, someone is laughing while taking the life of somebody else.

That is what you get when you're thinking in the boxes of 'normal' and 'abnormal'. It is what you get when you're thinking in the boxes of religion. You lost your sense of humanity, you lost your direct contact with God because you're too busy reading His 'book'. How can you stone a little girl to death because she was raped, on the ground of adultery? I know, I know, your holy book said it's the right thing to do. But where is your heart? In the other case, the raper killed the girl because he was afraid to be found out, that's his crime. But this, this is done by 50 men in front of a thousand people. Does none of them have children? Does none of them have heart? 1000 people, for God's sake!

The worst thing when you stumble accross news like this is that you tend to research more and more, and from the links you stumble on so much more bad news. Hh. Now I'm so sick I've gotta go. Maybe I'll write more tomorrow.

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