Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What A Day!

Indeed, what a day! Today I filled my day fully with a very satisfying activity: OGLING. :D Yep. I did some ogling with Sid at the movie and mall, and then when I got home.. the ogling continues. Hehe.

Well I was only half kidding. Yesterday Afterellen.com finally released their 2010 Hot 100 but it was already late at night so I couldn't finish ogling the women. So today it is. Oh, and although you couldn't call it 'ogling', I did take a look at the beautiful men of Afterelton's Hot 100. I don't know if it's statistically true, but I think women who are considered beautiful by women and men who are considered beautiful by men are more beautiful than the ones considered beautiful by their opposite sex, if you know what I mean. At least I can speak that for the ladies. We are really really picky about who we consider 'beautiful'. Outer beauty is not enough, she has to have enough intelligence, she has to be strong in character, she has to be funny and kind and down-to-earth and charming. At least those are the basics. And well, in lists by women, butch women tends to have some spots reserved for them. They rarely have that privilege in lists by men. Anyway, after I took a loot at more than 200 beautiful people, I decided to write this post, which means that I get to ogle more women for pictures in this post. Heh heh. Very satisfying, indeed.

I forgot most of the women I voted for this year... stupid me, but I'm pretty sure at least 6 or 7 of them made the list. There are some women I didn't vote for cause I forgot them at the moment I voted.. but they're definitely on my list. So here's my hot list. :D

1. Melissa Etheridge

I wish I was her guitar

And how fabulous she is at 49!!!

2. Gro Hammerseng

It's very hard to pick only one picture of hers cause she has many sides of her, really. Sometimes she can be very butch and sometimes she's plain femme. So the only thing I could do is pick the plain picture of hers, which in my eyes is better than any of her studio ones.

Oh, and if ever there's a Rose of Versailles movie adaption made, I hope she'll be Oscar. She already looks so much like her. :D

3. Lena Headey

You're no wanker number 9! 'Nuff said.

4. Portia DeRossi

Where can I get that T-shirt? Love it!

5. Lea Michele

She debuted this year in my heart. I love geeks...

... but how can I not droll at this???

Or this???

6. Kajol

Most surprising debutant. But I gladly welcome her :D

7. Kristen Stewart

Not-so-surprising debutant, I think. She's even #2 on Afterellen this year!

8. Jane Lynch

Can't hate this woman. Absolutely. Not.

And don't argue with her.