Saturday, June 12, 2010

When I Was A Child...

I always consider myself quite a sentimental person. Well, maybe at times. Using the line, "For old time's sake.." can be a killer in seeking favor with me (psst, don't tell anybody). Right now I'm feeling nostalgic in a different way, maybe it's because my birthday's just passed, but I started googling about a show I haven't seen since forever. Well, not really 'forever', cause I owned the VCD copies of the series, but I also haven't seen that in a while. Even better? That was probably my FIRST lesbian movie/series EVER.

Well, as I googled the characters and the forums, etc, I stumbled on a thought. Could they be my first celebrity crush ever? Figured out, no. There was a woman I had a crush on before them. This is she:

Recognize her? No? Well, how about this one:

Yep. The one who broke Chow Yun Fat and Andy Lau's heart. Who could blame me on having my first celebrity crush EVER on her?

But that series has a place in my heart more than The Return of Condor Heroes. I have to admit I wouldn't have remembered Yoko if it wasn't because I stumbled upon it while googling White Snake Legend. Yup, that's my favorite Chinese series ever. Maybe it's because of the sentimental connection with my childhood, maybe because it's very lesbianish, maybe because it's musical and humorous and tragic and romantic and even scary (for an elementary school-er) rolled into one, I don't care either way. For me I'll always love that show along with Xena. I like Friends alright but I don't love it. Now Glee has a chance in winning my heart, but when I watched more episodes of it, I kinda lean on the 'like' side more. We'll see.

Anyway, back to crushes, until now I can't decide which woman I like better. Bai Su Zhen is of course very beautiful, very cool in the feminine sense, she's wise and tender but powerful, and in short I would love to have a wife just like her. I mean, look at her!!!

I can't find a single flaw on her. And that's maybe the only unattractiveness I find in her. She's simply too perfect.

On the other hand, Han Wen (please note that even though in the story she's a he, in the depth of my perverted mind she's always a she)... she's kinda cowardly, goofy at times, very dependent and some may say weak, but actually, I'm very attracted to that side of hers. Haha. I can smile (literally) just by looking at her childlike face. She's certainly not stupid, but she looks really innocent and pure and naive, and that makes me want to ensure that she stays that way forever. Above all, it's her sincere heart that attracts me to her. She's so kind and sincere to others, sometimes to the point of being stupid. Maybe that's why I like her more (Crap! Why aren't there more pictures of her as Han Wen??).

In a way, I think this couple's very gay not only because the part of Han Wen is played by a woman. It's the interaction between the characters. The setting was in a time when husband and wife play a certain role in the family, and they certainly aren't equal. That's not the case with this couple. They're completely equal in every way, and more often than not, it's due to Han Wen's deference to his wife. I won't say it's impossible to find a man like that, but it's a trait I find more often in women, as most men has his pride and reputation to protect. Not to mention their love is beautiful, and it continues to amaze me why many homophobic people aren't grossed out by their pictures together.
Not exactly lesbianish, but you can't say that look so straight either. Heh. And while that show won't help lesbian visibility much, at least it'll help people like me realizing their sexuality. Oh, and there are LOTS of gossips on the forums. But I'm far more interested in how people really hate Fa Hai (the monk) and debate whether She Lin (their son) should end up with Mei Niang (rabbit demoness) or Bi Lian. Their comments are mostly so anarchist it's funny. If all those people got their wishes, Fa Hai would have lost his beard and end up with a swollen bump on his head and Bi Lian would end up with a pig's nose. Yuck. I don't hate any character in the show mainly because despite their cruelness to the main characters, they have their reason behind their hostility. It's all forgiven in the end, though, as my favorite part about the show's end. Ah, and I can't stop laughing that one person wrongly wrote 'White Snake' as 'White Snack' and the person after him snatched, "White Snack? Lo kata kerupuk apa?"

I won't comment much on the music. I like the music very much, although after watching several episodes I skipped all the opening and ending song. I'm fond of some of the lyrics, they are very quotable and romantic, especially in Chinese. Maybe that's because I don't have many Chinese quote, but whatever. These two are from the opening and ending song, among my favorite of them all: "有緣千里來相會,無緣對面手難牽" and "是誰在耳邊說 愛我永不變, 只為這一句 斷腸也無怨".

Maybe my only wish is that the show is popular nowadays instead of twenty years ago. Then maybe I can vote for them on Afterellen's Hot 100. Heheh.  


Li Xi Da said...

Heh? Yang jadi Bai Su Zhen sama Xiao Lung Ni itu sama ya? Kok aku baru nyadar? Aku lebih suka Bibi Lung sih.. Bai Su Zen keliatan lebih tua....

Ryan_Boomery said...

BEDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Tu, dari foto e kan yo keliatan beda. Wakakak... believe it or not, my 'Angel Would Fall' actually looks just like your Bibi Lung. But no, my #1 is Han Wen :DD So we're not rival this time around :D