Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Map of The Stars

I've just heard about this amazing woman from Sid, and I checked her out on youtube. This reminds me once again to Melissa's 'Map of The Star' and my roommate's constant ignorant comments about women who are over 40, women who are fat, and women who are not pretty in traditional way. I understand most people are like her, and I have to blame them. I mean, I was that way too, maybe that's the way society tried to push on us, but it is our own choice to follow that way or not. I refuse to judge people before giving them a chance to prove themselves first. I don't naturally act that way. I have to kick myself for judging. Well, it's kinda like this: when you see an unusual person, let's say a tiny girl who is sweet-looking, and she is being placed as a commander of a security team. Most people will smirk and maybe even go to the length to protesting the absurd placement. I will at first think, "What?! How can a tiny girl like that being in command of a security team?" But then I'll kick myself and think, "Well okay, let's see first what she can do." When I decide that I will see what I can do, it means that during that 'trial' time, I will follow her command wholeheartedly and unjudgingly, whereas during that time maybe lots of the members of that security team will ignore her commands just to show how pissed they are with the placement. You see, I'm not an angel who can be purely unjudging. I judge, too. But I trained myself to stop judging before I give them a chance.

That's the lesson from the video, and I think it's a very important lesson to learn, but it is number two in the reasons as to why I cry everytime I watch the video (already four times now). The main reason is that I'm grateful that she finally makes her dream come true. She said she's never been given the chance to prove herself, and I'm so, so happy for her that she hits it huge with this one chance she's given. Her voice is amazing too, by the way, just the way I like it. Not too high, strong, and loud. Okay, here's the video: Enjoy.

The discovery of her actually started a discussion between me and Sid, and that discussion reminded me of this song. About how fame affects people, about how society's standard of beauty ruins lives. This song tells a story in a circle, where the end is the beginning. I looooooove it.

All the people in your hometown
When you were just a kid
Said that you were pretty, like in the magazine
And so you left your hometown
To try out for the part
There everybody's pretty little angels with a pretty little heart

You studied hard, the map of the stars
All because you wanted, yeah, you really wanted
Every night you wanted to be
One of the little angels that flies between the stars
One of the little angels in the pretty little cars

So you eat a little less
And you smoke a little more
Waiting in the lines for them to open up the door
For all the little angels

So you got yourself an agent
You made a little deal
They got you on the TV, everyone agreed you had the charm and the appeal
So you bought yourself a house in the Hollywood hills
You bought yourself a tan
Fixed your nose and hair, learned how not to care
Got a pretty little man

You landed hard on the map of the stars
Ah, where everybody wants you,
Oh, they really want you, everynight they want you to be
One of the little angels that flies between the stars
One of the little angels in the pretty little cars

So you eat a little less, and you drink a little more
Waiting in your room for them to open up a door
For all the little angels

Alright, now you drink a little more
Your family's talking to the press
And the movie didn't score
So you eat a little less, just a little little less

All the people on the street now, they're getting kinda mean
They read about your breakup in the magazines
And somewhere in your hometown
A girl tries out her best
Maybe she'll go far, she wants to be a star
So she eats a little less


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