Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oops, I Did It Again

Yup, I forgot several names to vote for in the Hot 100 and the other two hots - like I did last year. Well, I know it's virtually impossible to put in all the names I think deserved to be voted for, plus there are some names I'm 100% sure will be in the list anyway, but I feel bad about it. So as my penitence I'll just make a list of the women I forgot to vote for.

Ps. If you have to know, well, it's just my excuse to oggle more beautiful women. :D I'm quite proud of myself for this.

Ps #2: Considering I'm making this 3.15 in the morning, I'll just add whoever in my thougt first and add some more tomorrow or the day after. =D

1. Jennifer Beals

Before you take out my gay ID card for forgetting her, let me tell you that I did NOT forget her. Of course not, she's practically my idea of a perfect woman. I just thought that she would be up there in the list anyway so I voted for some other less popular names instead. But I think I need to droll over her for a little bit here.

I'm the kind of girl who won't care if you're gay or not, if you don't have qualities, I won't like you. Jennifer Beals is not gay but she constantly speaks up for us, and she has shown no less than dedication for the six seasons of The L Word. She is perfectly gorgeous, she is so damned patient and kind to people (I have proofs for that, believe me), she is down to earth and gracious, and she is very professional at what she does (I always find that very, very sexy). Together with Lauren Holloman, her potrayal of Bette Potter showed me a glimpse of how a lesbian marriage could be even before I know Melissa (that was the beginning of season 1. In my Ryanverse, Bette never cheats on Tina). Quite a coincidence, she shares birthday with the second woman I've ever loved. Hehe... maybe that's just the type I'm attracted to? (Damn, I always told myself to aim shorter!!!)

2. Jane Lynch

Damn I really forgot about her - two years in a row!! But that actually suits her job. I mean, she's the master of being 'invicible'. She's been in more movies and tv series than any other actresses I can remember. I've remembered her face even before I know her name and that she's gay, though. Maybe that's because she always steals the scene no matter how small a role she plays? She's really funny, too, and that's always sexy. In real life too. I've watched several interviews of her and she's smartly funny. Besides, who else in Hollywood would eat with such an adorable face?

To be continued...

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