Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Valentine 2009!

I know it's too late. Hehe. But whathever. Happy Valentine's Day! This Valentine I work my ass off. This Valentine fell on Saturday, so it's one hell of a work day! It's almost like Christmas - only on a shorter time. I bet there were more than 1000 guests that night.

Anyway, there were lots of my friends who whined about how there were lots of couples who looked very happy together. Most of them were singles or they happened not to be able to be with their boyfriend/girlfriend.

That made me realize, I don't really envy those couples, you know. When I looked at them, I did feel a little bit envious, especially to those lesbian couples who were able to be so open here. But I felt more envious to another type of guests: families. Yeah, there were also lots of happy families coming at Valentine's day. They seemed so happy together, with their little girls and boys, taking care of each other and taking care of the kids. That's what make me envious more than just a lovey-dovey couple.

Come to think of it, I've never really been envious of couples. Well, maybe just a little bit, and only to special couples who are so cute together. But I always envy happy families! To be able to come home from work and being welcomed by your children, having dinner together and watching TV or just playing around together, or going on outings together. Well, some of my sweetest memories growing up are also full of my parents and sister together, so it's no suprise that I want to have a family like that on my own, rite?

Sigh, I really can't wait to have a family on my own. But finding your destined soulmate (as corny as it sounds) is not so easy. It's also not easy finding the job of my dream and money enough to buy the house of my dream. Really, my life is just starting, and I'm really looking forward to the future.

Love, love, love, it really is glorious!

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