Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Backlash

Whoa! Melissa has got a pretty bad backlash, or so it seems from this one website I've just read. She was almost called a traitor. Mostly she was called stupid or naive.

Well, I never associate Melissa with 'smart' much - not because she isn't smart, but because she's so much more 'wise' than smart. Smart people think with their head, wise people think with both their head and their heart. Wise people don't judge quickly. Wise people will hold on to what they believe until the fact says otherwise.

My point is, looking at something positively can be dumb, can be called naive, but it's actually the wise thing to do. This world is dark enough, it takes a greater mind to see a bit of light in that darkness. I don't trust Warren, but I admire Melissa to be willing to talk to him, to defend him in public, even, though from what I got, she was asking the public to start with peace, to build a conversation instead of yelling at each other. Many people got that that she was saying that Warren is harmless. I don't think she trusts Warren 100% either, but she wants to be in a positive side, being friendly with him and just try to open his eyes by showing him her own life.

I may get backlashes too for saying this, but I think LGBT group is the most sensitive and unstable group ever. The group is much too diverse. There's absolutely nothing at all to connect us besides the fact that we like people from the same sex (or both, or we feel like we're in a wrong body). It's like putting together heterosexual people randomly. In Melissa's forum, I see so much more similarities than in regular lesbian forum. Oh there are lots of disagreements too, but there's always someone to step in and remind everyone to stay polite, cool, and logical. It's Melissa's site, for goodness sake, and she has always been talking about love, truth, and peace, so it's a given that people who love her and her music should follow that, rite?

I can't really blame anyone if a large part of gay community is filled with angry people. For too long we've been opressed, been the victims of hatred and been condemned for something we have no control over. We're being treated unfair everyday, being bullied at school, being thrown away from home, being fired from jobs, being jailed, tortured, killed... and even when we live nicely and contribute so much to society, we don't even have the same rights as our neighbors - the right to marry. But as Xena said, it takes a greater strength to show compassion. It doesn't mean holding back all the anger, but to change the angry energy to something more positive, like writing a blog or a book or a song or painting a picture... whatever. Create something to tell the story. Condemning everyone who has a different opinion from you won't make the world any better. Throwing everyone with a good, decent intention out just because they're a little too soft and don't march down the road with guns and knives... and speaking angry words. I bet if Melissa were condemning Warren out loud, if she refused to even meet her or shake his hand, if she slapped him in front of public, refused to attend Obama's inauguration or stopped her support for Obama, people would cheer her on. But for her to try to understand Obama's intention and give Warren a chance, it's unforgivable to some people, isn't it? Well here's my personal opinion. I don't mind with giving Obama a chance, he's been in the office for only a few months for goodness sake! But if time passes and he shows no change, then I'll cheer Ellen or Melissa - two of the politest people I know - to remind him of his promises back in the days. About Warren, hasn't Tammy stated it clearly in her blog? I agree with her 100%. She and Melissa have given him a chace. They have give out their hands to him and offer him a way to understanding. They've done the right thing, the peace-and-loving thing Melissa preaches in her own 'congegration' (which actually, I'd be more disappointed in her if she failed to do what she preached herself... that's why I prefer she did what she did). The rest is up to Warren himself.

Ps. Still, kudos to Ellen for thanking her 'roommate' Portia when accepting her People Choice's award this week!

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