Friday, August 01, 2008

I'm Ryan, But Not THAT Ryan

I'm Ryan, I'm gay, I've ever mutilated a dead chicken's body but I will never mutilate people, ok? And I'm a girl, btw, so relax, I'm not a criminal.

This case really makes me heartbroken. I've just had a talk with my friend about how to increase the visibility of LGBT people in Indonesia so that more people could realize that we're just people. Suddenly I got this information from my friend that this case happened in Indonesia, and the mass media doesn't help cause they interview wrong people. Well, I read and I think it made a quite fair, unjudging articles, but how many people watch TV more? Now in Indonesia we have one more stereotype of gay people: murderer and mutilator. WTF?

I will treat Ryan's case as any other murderer's case: I'll just hope that the laws and justice make the right decision. But I'll play my part in commenting about the psychology issue: stop abusing. I've just posted 'Ellen's Message' some time ago, about how Ellen reminded us that jokes about gay can lead to laughing at gays, and then verbal abuse, and then physical abuse, and then... murder. In that case, it was a straight boy killing a gay boy. In this case it's the gay boy who's the murderer... but the message is still the same, don't you think? I know, I know, there are many other motivations for killing... but at least this one is one of them, and what's wrong in spreading a little more peace in this world?

I'm so sorry that I'm not out yet. I'm proud, I'm loud, but I haven't been out yet. And I'm so sorry that I can't contribute much, especially since I'm now not in Indonesia. I'll be happy, though, to help and contribute in any way I can. For now, though, I'll just keep reading the continuation of this case... reading people's comments and putting some comments in myself... hoping that someone would care enough to read it and open their minds.

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Chrys. Siddha Malilang said...

Hmmm, good job, sis! Let's spread the message... Anyway, this has really become a stereotype... But, let's just hope that the stereotype is only temporary