Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm Kneeling At The Altar In The Temple of Your Eyes

Oh God. I swear Melissa is one of your finest creations ever. I'm so thankful I'm so in love with her. I don't know how it happens or why, but I love her, then, now, and forever. Of course not in a romantic sense, though if I do know her maybe it'd be a different story. But it's good like this. If I know her and fall in love with her romantically I must have a broken heart, cause she belongs with Tammy. I've never seen such a perfect couple, ever!
But dammit, I love Melissa with all my heart and soul. You should come to one of her concerts, or at least like me, watching her performing live - to see her in her godly influence in people. ESPECIALLY this one concert: LIVE AND ALONE. From the title you should know that she performs LIVE, and ALONE. Yes, alone on stage, only with her guitar, or piano, or guitar and harmonica, etc. She's the only one I know who can perform that long without a band and rocking the house out. Damn. She really looks magnificent on stage. Her lyrics, her music, her way of interacting with people, the way her whole body expresses her music, and most of all, her honesty. How she comes up and front about everything, how she bares her soul... You know, one of my friends tell me the difference between having sex and making love is the presence of love and the barring of the souls. When you make love, it's really about loving and connecting your souls to each other, not just 'having fun'. It's like that with Melissa. She bares everything of her when she performs... it's really like I can see her soul and I love it. An honest, brave soul that has gone through pain and longing and healing until she's ready to love again. Okay, that's only for the album 'skin', but that's one of her albums that I admire the most. I love almost all of her songs and honestly I don't have ONE favorite song of hers because I really can't choose one. I can't even choose my top ten. Or even maybe my favorite 100. I've made an mp3 collection of her songs and I still have difficulties to choose which ones I want in the CD. It's like she just has a song to fit however my condition is. I love her, I really really really love her so much I can't even describe it. You really have to experience it for yourself, cause with Melissa, you really have to listen and open your heart. If you only want easy fun, well, you may get it with some songs, but not with others. Oh, and have I mentioned that she's beautiful to a fault??? :p

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