Saturday, September 09, 2006

Okay, Sorry, That Was Harsh

After talking to Nao by sms later yesterday, I realized one thing. Maybe her being there isn't so bad after all.
You see, if I were to write a love story, it's very possibly that I'll make a blackout when the two soulmates came to a same place. It's also possible that I'll make those two soulmates are both having flu. And maybe I'll make those two soulmates recognize each other without seeing one another. And that's exactly what happened yesterday.
Maybe it's just a coincidence - okay, THREE coincidences - but it's not impossible that it's the connection between us, or the connection I felt for her. But why??? I'm well on my way forgeting her, I've even found somebody new (though I don't like her even half of my feelings for 22). Geez, sometimes God's just plain cruel. Hah hah. Who am I kidding? Yesterday I cursed God while singing praises for Him. Yup, 22, you do make me do crazy things.

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