Thursday, July 06, 2006

So Damn Bored

It's a funny thing that I'm bored and tired in the same time. Well, at least today my training has ended.
I cancel my intention to post my writing because yesterday I read something that made me change my mind. But I'll post this instead. This is the list of birth-month, birthstones and the meaning, and the flower, in case someone wants to give a gift to someone else's birthday.

January - Garnet (Constancy) - Carnation, Snowdrop
February - Amethyst (Sincerity) - Violet, Primrose
March - Bloodstine, Aquamarine (Courage) - Jonquil, Baffodil
April - Diamond (Innocence) - Sweet Pea, Daisy
May - Emerald (Love, Success) - Lily of The Valley, Hawthorn
June - Pearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite (Health & Longevity) - Rose, Honeysuckle
July - Ruby (Contentment) - Larkspur, Water Lily
August - Sardonyx, Peridor (Marriage Happiness) - Poppy, Gladiolus
September - Sapphire (Clear Thinking) - Aster, Morning Glory
October - Opal, Taurmaline (Hope) - Calendula, Cosmos
November - Topaz (Fidelity) - Chysanthenum
December - Turquise, Zircon (Prosperity) - Narcisus, Holly

Hm... from this list, me and 22 are Health, Longevity, and Prosperity. Wow, that's the dream life! Hah hah hah.
By the way I did taste my first wine today. Before this I thought that wine is better than any other alcoholic drinks, but it seemed to me today that it's no different. I tasted three kinds of wine: sparkling wine, white wine, and red wine. So unless if they gave me the bad year or anything, I decided that I don't like wine. For now. Hm... I felt a little light-headed after drinking that much of wine. LOL. Figured. Alcohol and me? Not a good couple. But I will see if that can change, since I want to be a bartender so much more than anything. At least I do love coffee and tea. Good thing today we had a presentation from Starbucks, but no tea involved, such a shame.
Okay, gotta go. I'm bored as hell and I still have to pick money from ATM later. I forgot to do it earlier.


Jeng Ungu said...

whoa... i just knoe sapphire is associated with clear thinking...

me, the sept gal, is most of the time fickle minded hehehe...

maybe the clear thinking side of me hasnt revive, yet.. wahaha

met wiken babe

Ryan_Boomery said...

You're september? I thought you are a february, given the name in your blog (amnesthyc something...) and your 'violette'.
Haha, clear thinking, huh? That's good to have a clear thinking, for you can see the world in a better way. And by the posts you made, yes, you were thinking clearly... I think.
Good day!