Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Long Time No See

Huh, not really long time, actually. Heh heh. I've just been busy these times. I climbed my second mountain this Monday, though not to the peak coz I did that only for the sake of my juniors. I climbed up and down only in half a day and got home at 11 pm, took a shower, writing something in my diary and went to sleep at about 1 am. The next day I had training for my program and had to get up at 5.30. Thanks to that I was half-asleep in two of the three sessions that day. I got home at 5 pm and stupid me, I slept until 6.30 pm, calling for some food delivery to celebrate my IP which was announced yesterday (not excellent, but better than the last time), and I couldn't sleep until 2.30 am!!!! No wonder I felt raher dizzy today, I only slept for about 3-4 hours last night. Sigh. Tomorrow is the last day of the training but the day after my friend wants to give me a treat (for her birthday) at SEVEN o'clock!!! That means I'll have to be ready to go at FIVE THIRTY!!! LOL!!! I'm busted. Sleeping is one of my favorite activities and I loooooove to sleep until noon... or even afternoon. I've ever woke up at 4 pm the next day. Hah hah hah.
Thank God the sessions today wasn't boring. It was kinda cool. About food and beverage. I learned many things, including which chemical was bad for the human's body, the chemicals which are banned from USA already but are still used a lot in Indonesia, the good and bad packaging, MANY THINGS!!!
What I look forward to, though, is tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll have my first WINE. Hah hah hah. Yea, tomorrow is my turn to try the 'food and wine combining'. Wonderful! Not to mention that there'll be a session on my two favorite beverages: coffee and tea. Hm-m. I certainly look forward to that!!!
Well, actually I wanted to post something here, but I forgot to bring it from home. Such a shame that I don't have internet connection home. But what the heck, I don't need it home. It's cheaper, easier this way, except when it was raining hard and I have to go to warnet to search for some information in order to do my assignment. Now, that's a torture - coz I only have my foot and the nearest warnet isn't so near anyway and it's down rather often... and when it's down it means that I'll have to walk even a longer distance. LOL. Torture, indeed. But it's great too, actually... that makes me thank God for my feet.
'Kay, that's about all for today. I hope tomorrow I can post my writing, or just browse the internet. And thanks for Haze to drop me a line, that's the only reason why I post something today .


Jeng Ungu said...

alamak... i didnt read this and left a msg asking u bout the number of mountain climbed in ur cbox hehehe...


kalo climb bisa sembari nginep juga gak kalo mao, ryan?? ato the peak area menukik and ga rata buat dibikinin tenda heheh

Ryan_Boomery said...

Hahaha. Aku pernah climb Argopuro, dan itu nginep seminggu di sana. Pasti ada, lah, pos untuk nginep. Tapi bukan di puncak. Masalahnya bukan karena puncaknya ga rata, tapi dinginnya setengah mati. Bisa2 beku. Malah, kalo di Arjuna katanya anginnya kaya kompressor. Ntar terbang, deh. Kalo di gunung2 yang kupanjat, peak-nya cukup lebar, kok.