Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Glee: A Confession

Okay, I'm gonna make some confessions, and I'll put it in your hand to bash me or to applause me, either way I don't give a damn but please be polite. Heh heh. Here goes. 

1. I just bought the two newest episode of Glee on DVD. A rip-off, actually, considering they will make it more episodes on one DVD later, but whatever. I'm not a patient person :p

2. I'm not a Gleek. Seriously, I'm not. At least not now. I might answer "Yes, I Am" if you asked me last March, but not now. I like the show just fine, still following it, but I'm not much a fan of it. I'm one of the very few people (if there's even any) who believe that Glee would be better off being a movie than a series. It's good that it's a series, as I get to watch more of those actresses, but it's really not good for the plot. While it's fun, it lacks the depth and it slowly becomes my guilty pleasure. 

3. I like Lea Michelle, but the one that I love is Rachel Berry. She might be annoying as hell, but it makes her very cute in my eyes. Real reason, maybe, is because she's a lot like my first love - in looks, in attitude, and in that killer singing voice. Imagine Rachel singing FOR you and TO you. Yep, been there, wanna be there again. Heh heh. 

4. I despise Finn. See #3 for explanation.

5. I'm not a fan of Faberry. See #3 for explanation. (Lea and Dianna are other matters, though.)

6. I like Britanna a lot although I'm not a fan either. But they are both really hot, and them being together is even hotter (and cuter). How can a human being resist that kind of hotness is beyond me. 

7. I like Mr. Shue's rap. I don't know why, but I like it. I don't normally like rap music, but he pulled it off really fine.

8. I watched Glee for Jane Lynch. And not regretting it. And so happy for her to get the recognition she so deserved. 

9. I'm a long-time musical fan... and that is why, just like lesbians can't not watch The L Word (oh wait, I can... though not by choice), I too have to keep on watching Glee... one way or another.

Pheew, glad to have them off my chest... heh heh. Now I'm gonna go watch Rizzoli & Isles. If there's any show trying to de-throne Xena & Gabrielle as queens of subtexts, I should judge it for myself. Heh heh.      

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MulianiInside said...

I watched Glee because Jane Lynch and Chris Colfer