Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Holly Happy Days

Wow! This Christmas I will be singing gay carols again! Melissa's album came out two years ago and although I love her so very much, listening to the same Christmas album more than three times a day during quite a few months granted you boredom. Luckily, this year another one of my favorite artists are launching their own Christmas album. Yeah, the Indigo Girls, that's who!

I swear to you I don't enter the gay world just because of its musicians, but I really find my inspiration here. Of course other strong musicians like Pink, Joni Mitchell, and Beth Hart got to me, too, but the ones that own my soul are Melissa and Indigo Girls. It's rather cliche, but it's true. I like kd, too, but not this much. To use my full-frontal nerdity, I'd say that in my music world, Melissa is Beethoven and Indigo Girls are Mozart. No, I'm not crazy. I play classical music too so I'm familiar with all four artists' works, and they affect me in a similar way. I love Beethoven's music. It's free, it's crazy, it's unforgiving and unapologetic. It sounds great no matter how you play it. When I play Beethoven I don't care much about the notes. I dive into the music and just create the sound I like, according to my own emotion at that moment. I can't play 'Fur Elise' or 'Moonlight Sonata' the same way twice, not when I don't feel the same emotion. Melissa's music is like that. Of course it doesn't sound different on the speaker, but I catch different words, I feel different emotions and I can think of different things when I listen to the same song. Much like that, I can play one Melissa song in many different ways according to the moment. Sometimes hard, sometimes lazily, sometimes seductively, sometimes emotionally. They're both so raw and emotional it's hard not to really feel the music.

Mozart, on the other hand, is the music I listen or play when I'm happy or careless or at ease. Sometimes when I think hard, too. The music is smart to say simply. The notes are so brilliantly put together I sometimes can't figure out the sound before really getting the hang out of it. It's unpredictable and fun. It's light and flowing. Calming and pleasing like a cup of tea. It's contentment. Indigo Girls' music, or at least the ones by Emily and the ones that I know of, are a lot like that. The guitar riffs are much more complicated than those of Melissa's but it's acoustic, so it sounds brilliant and rich. The music are mostly light and carefree, even the lyrics reflects that. On a happy, careless day I can just sing them along not caring what they say, but on a calm, serene day I listen to each word and ponders about their meaning. I can't do that with Melissa's music, because when I don't hang unto the lyrics and the music at once, the song lost its meaning to me. I can't half-enjoy Melissa's song. Either I get so into it or I don't at all. The same way with Beethoven. When I can't connect to the music, I'd rather not listening to it.

Surely I can tell which one I love most of them, but every now and then I just like to be easy on my feelings, especially on days like these. On days like these I feel content and at ease, I don't want to burden me down with heavy feelings and emotions. Therefore it's the perfect year for me to listen to the Indigo Girl's new Christmas album, "Holly Happy Days". See what I mean? Compare that name to "A New Thought For Christmas". Both are the 'holiday for everybody, whether it's Christmas, Hanukkah, or the winter solstice' type. Great, Melissa's additional lyrics for O Holy Night is one of my favorite ever. Hm? Chely Wright is writing? Great! I like her and I've heard one or two of her songs and while I cannot really relate to them, I like them alright. The classics, of course, but what I'm most exciting about is their original songs! Yup, I'm gonna have a very gay yuletide this year alright. Hohoho.  


Marisa Roti said...

Oke, apakah ada larangan untuk memberi komentar mnggunakan bhsa indonesia? Karna gua cinta bahasa indonesia.

Wow, keren. Ak bs mnemukan satu lgi musisi brbakat disini. Jd kamu pianis? Atau gimana?

Ryou said...

Tentu, dong :D Aku cuma nggak fasih bahasa Indonesia, bukannya nggak suka. Hehe. Mm... aku pianis amatiran, dibilang berbakat ya nggak juga. Hihihi..
Kamu juga main musik? Pianis jugakah? :D