Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Like A Shooting Star




I was just reminded to this song I liked back when I was in high school. At that time I liked Michelle Yeoh and this is the soundtrack from one of her movies, sung by Michelle herself. Yesterday I found a fan-made music video dedicated to one of Angie Chiu and Cecilia Yip's (the White Snake Legend lead couple) series using this very song. 

I liked this song more than just the fact that Michelle sang it. The melody wasn't so interesting, and yet it's easily implanted to my memory. But as usual, the real draw was when I understood the lyrics. I can so relate to it, especially the chorus. At that time I was still very much heartbroken and well, this song is about how you still want to love even though loving is suffering. This is the translation from (I edited some words):

If losing is painful are you scared of giving 
If falling is painful will you still wish for happiness 
If confusion is painful should you end it or start it over 
If pursuing is painful do you call it strong or stubborn 

If separation is painful to whom can you divulge your pain
If promise is painful should you express your real passion 
If obsession is painful isn't love a mistake after all 
If loving is painful where is the true feeling in this world 

There are many things that I can only understand afterwards
But I can no longer find the road where I came from
For many things I don't feel any pain at the time when it happened
Even if they were painful I think that I simply could not care

I think the part I can relate to at this moment is the chorus. There are many things I don't understand now, and maybe I can only understand it later. The things I understand now I can no longer change. No, I don't play with regret. If I made the 'right' choice (as my choice back then seemed 'wrong' for me now), I would have missed so many things along the way. No matter which choice I took, there would be goods and bads along the way. Knowing the bad, should I just run away from that choice? I think as long as I believe strongly in my choice, no matter how bad it turned out, I won't have any regret. Even if it's painful, I won't even be able to care. 

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