Monday, July 23, 2007

CUT OFFF?!?!?!?!?

Warning. Politic here.

I'm really pissed off. Mad. Furious.
I've just found out that Melissa Etheridge's performance on Live Earth has been cut off!!!! No wonder I can't find her performance mentioned anywhere here!!!!

I don't see other's performances, but I have watched her performance on youtube (search: Melissa Etheridge Live Earth) and right from the start I knew she would me magnificent on that show. I was right, and I thought hopefully that finally she could reach out to Indonesia. But noooooooo!!! Everywhere I look, no sign of her name. Now I know what happened.

I'm indignant, you know. Here I thought America is a free country, when people's opinions matter. But now, she speaks out and they cut her off. She speaks the truth, again, that's why I admire her from the start, and I only admire her more now.

What makes her so great, in my opinion, is that she speaks from her heart. Always. In her music and life, she's so truthful about everything. I want to be like her too, though I don't like being political and I don't like being controversial. But I realized, nothing I can do can make me uncontroversial anyway. I'm Chinese-Indonesian. That's enough to make me a minority in Indonesia and I'm really not interested to be a China citizen so I don't belong in China either. Not to mention the political issue it causes. For people from other countries, Indonesia is a terorist area now and China, well, it's well-known for it's dictactorial system. I'm agnostic by choice and that's usually translated as atheist in many people's view. I'm gay and in case you don't know, that's controversial too. I just want to be someone simple and clear, but what can I say? I'm controversial from birth. Lol. But I'm thankful for being who I am, because only by being born and live as a controversial being can I learn not to discriminate any people at all.

Okay, back to the point. The point is, if America can't be free, little hope for countries like mine. This kind of cencorship must end. Especially when her performance is also inspiring for the environment. Oh, well, just see it for yourself whether it deserves to be cut off or not.

Ps. If you don't know Melissa, she's the Oscar winner (best original song) for An Inconvinient Truth. The song is called 'I Need To Wake Up' and it's such an inspiring song. I've loved her long before that though. Lol.

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