Monday, October 16, 2006

Ellen De Generes... And Finding Nemo

I know to whom I must be thankful these days. Someone who makes me laugh despite everything that's going on in my life. Ellen!
The first time I heard her name, something clicked inside me, I thought I'd ever heard - or read - that name before. Do you happen to know if 'Ellen' show has ever been aired in Indonesia? Besides, I kind of remember the Time Magazine's cover with Ellen on it. Dunno. Deja vu, or have I really seen it when I was a child?
I went, 'WOW!' the first time I heard that Ellen is going to be Oscar's host. That's such an honor, and well... she deserves it. To think that someone who has been down-ed by the community and still can kick back that hard... geez, she really inspires me! And what I love the most about her is her sense of humor! Besides, her view on many things is similar to mine.
I don't think many people in this country know this woman. But I bet most people know Finding Nemo. She's the voice talent behind Dory! Gosh, how I love that stupid blue fish! Lol. It'd be really frustating and really fun at the same time to have a friend like that! Yup, the writer wrote about Dory while imagining Ellen's voice in his head, so in other words, the part was made especially for her. It fits her so well. I don't know why, everytime I look at Dory I think of how she looks like Ellen - visually! Yup. Perfect, indeed.
I've never seen any of Ellen episode, but I did get a transcript for the most memorable episode of all, The Puppy Episode. I got to see the clip in, too. Laugh my ass off that one! Heh heh.
Well... actually I plan to write a long post about her, but I guess I'd have to wait till I'm in the mood. I'm now in a hurry coz I only have 28 minutes left for internet... sigh. And I still want to browse more and more, so... see ya next time.


Angel said...

Hihihi.... I definitely know dory. it's my most favorite character in Finding Nemo, cause we have similarity: short-term memory lost.

Ryou said...

Me too... Ellen always said she's waiting for Finding Nemo 2: Finding Dory. wakakaka