Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Some of My Songs... and The Story Behind

I made this song months ago:
"There's no many things I can do
There's no many things that I'm proud of
But when it comes to loving you
I give it my all
Cause you've brought out the best in me, to do the impossible
You're my source, my strength
My one right cause to fight
So don't just let me go, cause I'm the one for you
I can be the woman of your dream
I can be someone that you deserve
I can be someone you won't forget all your life
I can be the sun in your sky
I can be the light of your way
If you give me a chance to love you."

--- This song was made when I felt like I've done everything yet she still ignores me.---

I wrote this song several days ago:
"It's been a year since you've gone, I know I count the days
Now it's the time for you to come home
I wonder if you've changed, I know I'm not the same
But no matter what, you'll be beautiful in my eyes
I regret the day I let you walk away
Without knowing what I felt in my heart
So this time I beg you
Please listen to what I'll say
So finally you will know that
I miss you, I need you to be here with me, never ever to leave again
Cause I know I'll be bad without you
I miss you, I need you in my life
It scares me but I know it's true
I can't live without you, I must say
I need you."

--- This song was made when I was missing her... and I wanted her home soon.---

I wrote this song on Monday, August 14th 2006:
"I dreamed of you, just a short dream
But it stays long in my mind
Coz I have missed you so
And now you come back in my sight
It's a shame if this dream won't come true
In my dream, you kissed me
What I wouldn't give or do to make it real
In my dream, you kissed me
I hope that you'll do the same to me someday."

--- Now, guess what happened to me that day! Clue: The lyric for this song is entirely true.---


MissAmethyst said...

hello ryan.. sorry i was away from bloggin world for sometime.

great lyrics!!

very significant dream if i must say. short n meaningful eh.

Ryan_Boomery said...

Significant, yes. Short, yes. Meaningful? Not really, but of course, a very memorable one that's it. Haha.

Jeng Ungu said...

wassup ryan... busy wit skool and life??

take care!!