Thursday, June 15, 2006

My New Song

I had the inspiration for this song last night while I was studying for my exams and playing the sims... I don't know why, but the more stressed out I am, the more inspired I am! During these 4 days of exams I've made THREE songs! Heh, what would you say for that???? Not to mention that I'm more determined to play sims than to study. Hicks, that one is really not right! But, Nao, I'm sure you'll like the sims I made! I've even made Joxer!!! Hah hah hah.
So, where am I? Oh, yeah. This song's for my dear best friend. I know this isn't much (I know that my weakness is the lyrics... hicks!), but this is the first time I make you a song, isn't it? Truth be hold, I'm inspired by your own post. Hehe. So I'll give this song the same title you used for your post.

Dear Friend

I've never meant for us to be best friend
But one day we met again and everything just seemed right
And from that day on we share the laughters
The happiness of the days always on my mind
There are tears to be shed, there are secrets to share
There are songs to be sung in rhyme
But I believe that you'll still be there for me
Like today when I sing this song for you
Cause friend's not someone you will forget when you're apart
And friend's not someone you'll leave behind with memories
But friend is someone you'll give thanks and cherish all your life
Cause there's no other friend like you

Hm... I kinda like the reffrain, but I can't find the right words for it... so if you have an idea please let me know. Heh heh.
Anyway, thanks for clearing my blog and thanks for being you!

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N.Y. said...

I love it!! Thx a lot dear!! It's very nice. And is a big lie if you said that your weakness is in your lyrics. Because I think your strength is at best on your lyrics: honest, truthfull, creative and touching.. Keep your work. Even if I'm officially free, I still have remedial exam next week and on my work to do more interesting stuffs. Btw, there are some wrong coding in your blog. I'll fix it now.