Friday, June 16, 2006

God's Intentions

Maybe this will outrage many people, but when I have something to write, to hell with 'many people'!

I think some of God's intention had been wrongly interpreted by human, you know. Like AIDS. Maybe initially God created that disease to warn people who used drugs, and maybe also to remind people how short their lives really are so that they'll cherish everyday. But human misinterpreted it as a disease for gays. But AIDS isn't only a gay disease. In fact it's even easier to spread among heterosexual couples if said sexually. But the number of gays with AIDS increased dramatically because many of them, like how people like to imagine them, are druggers, bohemians, homelesses, and even criminals. Some of the reasons they're like that, though, is people-at-large's fault, for they're failed to accept gays in the society. Of course, some of the reasons are their own faults, for gays are just like ordinary people. They're not just victims. Some of them also had choices and they chose the wrong choice.

I'm pretty flexible about things and I even know that I've done the same mistakes with other people in judging something. I know that I used my OWN judgment as my standard too many times. But I still use my heart too and that makes me see that nothing is absolutely right or wrong. Even though I hate discrimination so much I still can see why they discriminate people.

Today I found this article in Jawa Pos (yesterday edition) and I think this is so true:
"Penggunaan logika dosa-bencana sebaiknya didasarkan kepada prinsip kehati-hatian, setidaknya untuk menghindari dua hal. Tanpa disadari, manusia, kata Erich Fromm, bermetamorfosis menjadi Tuhan. Manusia melakukan tindakan tertentu yang seharusnya menjadi otoritas Tuhan."

This is absolutely right. Who are you to condemn other people? Who are you to say that people deserve to suffer because they must be sinners? Let them see it themselves. You are NOT God. You can't see if beneath the hostility they show they have hospitality or not. You can't see behind what your eyes catch. You have no right to judge people that harsh. You can judge people, of course, after all we're only human. But we have to try to minimize it. Of course we're allowed to give our opinion about something, but try to differ giving opinions with downright judging something.

For example, Jogja's earthquake. We can say that, "Oh, MAYBE they've done something bad. I hope they can introspect themselves." But we mustn't judge them, "They MUST have done something horrible! Therefore, they ARE sinners and I won't help them."

Same with my not liking RUU APP in the least. I said it's downright stupid, I hate it, but I don't say, "You'll go to hell if you do that." I really think that the people who sent smses telling, "If you don't legalize RUU APP right now you'll be the first person to go to hell." is the one who should check themselves. Who are you to condemn people like that? Remember, you're just HUMAN. You don't know what God thinks. And you're very possibly wrong.


Jeng Ungu said...

wow i like this post a lot!!

emank bener sih. too much human are stepping over and start acting like the Great One and this has caused lots of unnecessary conflicts

personally, i judge people and though i judge them, i keep tellin myself they sure have a reason for it and since i do not knoe the real reason behind their acts, i admit my judgement is shallow and never concrete.

So i never blurt out my unsupported judgement to anyone else,

and even if i blurt out any of my judgement/opinion, its becoz i do have lots of evidence or factual infos bout it...

ermmm... now i realize i type too much wahahaah

met kenal ya ryan.. seen u for quite sometime in nao's cbox and sometimes i dropped by to read ur entries though i never leave any message...

love ur xenaverse story... and got me curious too!! coz i wasnt 'jeli' enuff to catch the sparks u were talkin bout =)

Ryan_Boomery said...

heh heh, thanx, violette. that's worth a post in a blog! lol. i drop by sometimes at your blog, too. nice blog you have there! but i'm rather shy to leave msg... hehe.

Jeng Ungu said...

wahhh ternyata saling suka ngintip2 ke blog masing2 kakaakakak

Ryan_Boomery said...

Heh heh. Yea. Aku suka gaya bahasamu, gampang dimengerti. Aku baca d blog km br sakit, ya? Cepet sembuh ya.