Monday, August 09, 2010

No Oreo No More

A word of advice: NEVER ask me if any couple looks good together. I may still gush after one couple or another, mind you, I love the idea of two people looking good together and so in love, because right now my love life can only be compared to a desert. If I remember it right there are four couples I wrote (and gushed) about in this blog (found it. It's in January 2009 archive). Xena and Gabrielle, The Eternal Couple, Melissa and Tammy, The Ever-After Couple, Gro and Katja, The Golden Couple, and Ellen and Portia, The Classic Couple. As per now, half of those four couples have split up. And although they never broke up, in the end of the series, Xena died and Gabrielle had to live her life alone. God help me I want Ellen and Portia to stay together, for the sake of lesbian visibility and as not to make me feel guilty - coz right now I feel like I jinxed them somehow. Doesn't make sense, huh?

When Melissa and Tammy split up, I consoled myself with Gro and Katja. I like both of them, and I love the fact that they're a couple in personal and professional life. And they were so cute together! I know I'm not the only one surprised by their break up. Dang it. Well, I still have lots of favorite gay and straight couples, but I think it's better for me not to publish the list once again (heh), but it's definitely sad to see a seemingly perfect couple break up. Knowing that Gro is single doesn't even help in my case, she's still so far away. Anyway the brighter side of the news are that they're still good friends and teammates. At least the break up is relatively smooth.

I guess I should stick with my favorite fiction couples. Hermione and Luna might not end up together in the book, but at least they live happily ever after in MY book. So do Prof. McGonagall and Prof. Trelawney. And in my realm Bette never cheat on Tina. Hehe. Real lives are too unpredictable for favoriting, rite? Especially in celebrity world. In my circle of families and friends, fortunately, divorce is almost non-exist. That doesn't speak much, though, considering it's only because saving face comes first. Although, I'm starting to think that it might be a good idea, too, to stay together for a while even when it seems like it's best to break up, because who knows that it's only a bump on the road. Eh, I guess I'll only know when the time comes.

Anyway, life goes on. I can only thank Gro and Katja for being one of my favorite couples ever and wish them the best for their future. As for me, dang, where are all the lesbians when you need one?

Ps. Ah, forget to write about Prop 8. Like I said years ago, it only needs a little time to fail. Now if only I can get a Californian girlfriend...      

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