Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Congratulation to Myself

The Afterellen Hot 100 is finally out!!!! Yay! While reading the list, I felt a mixture of giddiness and anxiety, and right now I feel a mixture of regret, victoriousness, respect, happiness, and a little bit anger. I'll explain the anger bit first. Afterellen changed their policy in voting for the main Hot 100 and the additional lists. I felt a little bit ripped off because I voted the same women for the lists. Gah, if only I knew that, I would have been able to vote for more women!

Okay, this is how I fare:
Hot 100 list: 9 out of 10 of the women I voted for made the list.
#1: Portia DeRossi (quite a surprise, really)
#3: Lena Headey (you get what you asked for, she asked for this, she got it! Yay!)
#6: Rachel Maddow (I'm surprised also that she's not higher)
#7: Tina Fey (I wanna know her reaction on this. Heheh)
#10: Gro Hammerseng (I'm surprised too on this one, but happily, coz she's only #82 last year, and it's not like she is in big news this year)
#15: Ellen DeGeneres (that makes her #2 hottest women over 40! Yay!!!)
#24: Lisa Ray (Yay! I figured she'd make the list somewhere but I didn't think it'd be this high)
#27: Lucy Lawless (Figured. As long as there are lesbian Xenites, she'll always make the list)
#39: Jodie Foster (Aw! It almost phisically hurts to drop like that.)

In Hottest Out Women, I didn't win the list other than Ellen, Rachel, and Gro who already made the list in Hot 100. But in Hottest Over 40, I got a surprise! Melissa made it!!! Finally! I literally pulled a fist and whispered "YES!" when I read it (I could only whisper because my roommate is sleeping).

Anyway, just go to www.afterellen.com to see the whole list. If you like smart, funny, strong, beautiful women, you'll enjoy the list. I don't normally like hot-list anywhere, but this one is different.

The women I would've voted for but didn't, also made it on their own:
Jennifer Beals, #2 in Hottest, #1 in Hottest women of color, #1 in Hottest over 40
Anne Hathaway
Michelle Obama
Katja Nyberg (Nothing makes me happier like both parts of one of my favorite couples to win a place in hottest contest - I know what that sounds like, but it's true)
Queen Latifah
Meryl Streep
Sandra Bullock
Jane Lynch

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